Community Hire

Hiring out vintage record players to older people’s services (such as care homes, day centres and residential homes) is my way of reaching out to people who will remember these players first time round. This is a cheap and fun way of reuniting these classic players with those who remember them the most, without the cost of buying a player. My aim is to bring joy, noise and chatter into these community settings and for the older generation to reconnect with their younger selves through music and memories.

This service will be run in collaboration with Ellie Tillotson, a community arts practitioner based in York.

The model available for hire will be a Dansette Bermuda from the early sixties. During this era Dansette very quickly became a household name, and indeed the models they offered forever defined a generation - there’s no other sound quite like a 60’s classic played on this vintage record player. Be prepared for lots of smiles and sing alongs! The player also comes with an authentic record box stacked with tunes from the 50’s and 60’s, I also strongly encourage people to bring their own records from back in the day too - it’s a great way of bringing extended families into the experience. I think a vintage record player is the perfect backdrop for storytelling and sharing memories amongst family and friends.

How much?

It’s important that this opportunity is as available to as many people as possible and so keeping the cost down is a big priority to me. I charge £75.00 for one player per working week (5 days) - so just £15.00 per day. I’ll handle the drop off and collection, so all you need to do is enjoy a week of music.

What’s included -

A setup session - This is where residents, staff, family members and volunteers can pop along at the start of the week and have a go at using the player. I’ll be on hand to answer and questions and demonstrate the player in all it's glory.

Record Box -

A fully stocked record box is included in the price, which contains a wide mix of records from the 50’s and 60’s. I can also add additional records from earlier or later years for an additional £10.00 if you’d like - just let me know in advance. Also feel free to bring along your own records.

Record Player -

You will be hiring one of my flagship players - a piece of history that is hand selected for its design and sound quality. The player is rock solid and fully restored to an impressive standard. My restoration service includes a complete overhaul of the mechanics, electronics and cosmetics. The record player will be will be fully restored to as near as possible it’s original new condition.


If you would like to enquire about hiring a record player for your community venue then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.