A Little About Me


I specialise in restoring and repairing vintage record players and vintage audio equipment from the 50's, 60's & 70's. There is a magic about vintage that can not be recreated, despite modern attempts!

I work with popular makes such as Dansette, Bush, Fidelity & Hacker, and everything else in between. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and absolutely love vintage audio, especially vintage record players which are a far cry from the cold mass produced consumer hifi items we are offered today.

I operate within the York area, home visits can be arranged dependant on location, further a field collection and delivery can be arranged via a courier service. If you are local to York and are interested in any of the restored vintage record players I have for sale I can bring one along to your home and demonstrate it working. All record players I have for sale are PAT tested and come with a 6 month guarantee as standard.

I also offer repairs & service to vintage audio equipment, have a look at this page for more information.

Feel free to browse around my website and have a look at what I have on offer, if you own something that falls in the vintage audio category but you’re not sure if it’s something I can help you with feel free to contact me, if nothing else we can have a natter!

Why Vintage?

Classic Design

Vintage record players ooze charm and charisma that a modern offering can only dream of, a fully restored Dansette standing proud on legs in the corner of your living room commands your attention.

The tactile feel of vinyl, the clunking and clicking as the mechanical deck starts it's cycle, absolute blummin magic, nothing we have now can ever hope to come close.

When working on a vintage record player I often find inside the signature of the person who built it, I wonder if they are still around and what they would make to the way some products are designed and manufactured today.

Built Like a Battleship

The turntables found in vintage record players are absolutely rock solid, benefiting from a nearly all metal construction they literally were built to last for years. The electronics are relatively simple in design and thus keep soldiering on. No cheap made in china rubbish to be found here, they were hand built in Great Britain.

With the constant focus on high profit margins, manufacturers nowadays could not afford to produce something like this for the consumer market.


Vintage Record Players are a piece of history never to be repeated, a defining product of a generation, teenagers sitting in their bedroom listening to music began with the portable record player, that's a pretty big legacy.

No internet, no mobile phones, even TV was pretty rare. All most people had was each other and music, if you speak to anybody from the 50's & 60's they'll tell you how happy these times were.

If you think about it the opportunity to own and use a product on a daily basis from this era is pretty remarkable.

A Unique Investment

Models from the likes of Dansette have now become a collectors item, and as such will continue to increase in value. Good examples are becoming difficult to find, which ultimately adds to their appeal.

Recently a few manufacturers have tried cashing in on the popularity of vintage record players by means of the 'suitcase style' record players you see offered in the high street.

These are not the same at all, the only thing they have in common with the vintage originals is they play records, but they're not even much good at doing that.